Apollo Medical Optics (AMO) develops optical imaging devices based on the revolutionary technology known as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). AMO's product originated at National Taiwan University (NTU), when AMO’s researchers first began investigating medical optics. Although OCT technology has been researched before, the research base from NTU gives AMO’s product a competitive advantage, with stronger axial resolution and faster scanning speed.

OCT is a non-invasive technique for three-dimensional tomography and AMO’s refinements give higher horizontal and vertical resolution compared to the current international leaders. Our system uses our unique OCT technology to generate three-dimensional images of the cell structure and the microvascular distribution of the integral epidermis and partial dermis of human skin (in vivo). We believe we can put a serious scanning system, capable of revealing organization and cell structure, into the hands of dermatologists and pathologists, allowing faster, more accurate diagnostic and research capabilities.

Our first goal is to focus on the clinical development of our device for dermatology, followed by the establishment of an OCT database for dermatology and pathology. By licensing to foreign agents, AMO will cooperate with international associations of dermatology and pathology to promote the use of our OCT medical devices. We will continue to explore applications for OCT, and our next research aim is to integrate OCT with endoscopy.